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GeMROI® is an employee-owned Sales and Marketing Agency specializing in Millwork and Building Materials sold through distribution channels that service the professional builder, custom builder, commercial and multi-family builder, and remodeler. We deliver a wide array of value-oriented products to the Building Materials Industry.

Through GeMROI, the manufacturer gains access to hundreds of distributors, builders, architects, and remodelers on the East Coast and across the Midwest. Our relationships with distributors and builders span 50 years and result in strong loyalties.

We provide our manufacturers with multi-dimensional value-added services at the lowest sales costs. These services include:

  • Researching the need
  • Helping design the solution
  • Creating the marketing plan for the channel
  • Providing pricing and profit strategies
  • Selling the programs through the distribution channel
  • Training the customer and their installer
  • Pulling business through with our builder relationships
  • Troubleshooting field service issues

GeMROI is fluent in all aspects of sales and marketing. Our customers and principals benefit from implementation of:

  • Profit improvement strategies
  • Inventory control
  • Market placement and penetration
  • Product development
  • Sales training
  • Communication and organizational skills

The GeMROI partners are considered to be professional experts in our field and help to make our manufacturers leaders in the industry.